World's Best Edited For Television Movie Quotes

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"Fool you!" - The Breakfast Club

"I don't have time for this Mickey Mouse bullsquash!" - The Professional

I can't think of any more. Can any of you?
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  • oh, just thought of one from big Lebowski

    "Do you see what happens when you fuck a stranger in the ass?" (original)

    "Do you see what happens when you find a stranger in the Alps?" (TV version)

    • One of my all time favorite movies is 'The Blues Brothers' and it is absolutely horribly edited for TV,
      Yet I always find myself watching it whenever it shows up on TBS.

      Cab Calloway as Curtis:
      "SHOOT, what's one more old PERSON to the Board of Education?"
      • Oh man, this thread is in for some family and I spout out poor edited for tv lines all the's what I got for you:

        In Ghostbusters, Bill Murray is talking to the mayor when all the spooks are terrorizing NY..the redheaded guy is trying to get the mayor to arrest them...

        Mr. Mayor, it's a pretty simple choice.
        You can believe Dickless here ...

        EDITED VERSION:"You can believe Wally Wick here..."

        more dialogue is exchanged....

        Mayor: "Is this true?"

        Venkman: "Yes, Mr Mayor it's true..this man has no penis"

        Venkman: Yes, Mr Mayor, it's true, this man is some sort of rodent, I don't know which."

        Weird huh....

        Also, from tv edited Stand By Me:

        "Chopper, sick Kid!"
        instead of
        "Chopper, sick balls"

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